Due to war in Syria, we have temporarily suspended our service in Syria. As soon as the circumstances normalize, we shall resume our work.

Trademark Registration


  • The applicant's particulars: name, address and nationality
  • Notarized and legalized power of attorney up to the Syrian Consulate
  • Classes and specification of goods/services
  • A copy of the trademark
  • A certified and legalized copy of priority application (if claimed))
  • A copy of the Home/Foreign Registration
Time for Trademark Registration: 10~12 months


  • Multiple Class Registration is not available
  • Extra Fees for Long Goods/Services
  • No Extra Fees for Color/Design Mark

Patent Registration


  • A power of attorney legalized up to the Syrian Embassy.
  • The PCT international Application
  • The Search Report and the ISA written opinion
  • The Transmittal of the priority document
  • The PCT publication in English and Arabic
  • The Preliminary Examination Report
  • Specifications, Claims, Abstract and Drawings

The following needs a sworn translation in Syria (exclusively):

  • PCT Publication
  • The Search Report
  • The priority Document
  • The Application as filed


  • PCT National Phase Registration is available

IP Treaties Membership:

Madrid Agreement, Madrid Protocol, Paris Convention

For registration fees, POA/DOA forms, trademark renewal, patent/design annuity, assignment, license, opposition, enforcement,litigation or other inquiries, please email us at:

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Saudi Arabia: Subject to presenting a valid excuse, the Saudi patent office (SPO) has approved an extension of time for claiming priority in entering the national phase for the PCT applications. The Applications will be afforded the opportunity to file their late applications claiming their earliest priority. It's worth mentioning that the applicant must mention the reasons that made him unable to file his application within the thirty (30) month deadline.

June 12, 2018

AIP&T: Atty. Mohammad Al-otaishan LLM, managing partner of AIP&T was rated as No. 1 Individual IP Lawyer in Saudi Arabia as per statistic made by WTR 2018 ( The statistic is based on market feedback.

June 6, 2018

Kuwait: As of 27th of February 2018, the Kuwaiti patent office has started accepting PCT examination.

February 27, 2018

Egypt: AIP&T’s branch in Cairo, Egypt has opened in 2018 with a full operation of more than 12 professionals.

February 16, 2018