Industrial Design Overview

Today, global business organizations have realized the importance of protecting their market by protecting the uniqueness of the "design" of their products. This design helps the consumer to relate a particular product to a particular brand of business,thus creating a monopoly in the market.

Generally, industrial design laws provide a protection period of (10) ten years to an industrial design. In contrast to patents, protecting an industrial design does not require the proof of an "Inventive Step" (non-obviousness).

All that are required to protect an industrial design are "Uniqueness" and "Novelty".

The Locarno Classification is an international classification used for the purposes of the registration of industrial designs. It was set up by an agreement concluded at a diplomatic conference held in Locarno in 1968: the Locarno Agreement Establishing an International Classification for Industrial Designs.The Locarno Classification comprises a list of classes and subclasses with explanatory notes and an alphabetical list of goods in which industrial designs are incorporated, with an indication of the classes and subclasses into which they fall. Presently, there are 52 contracting states to the Locarno Agreement.

Paris Convention : According to Article 4 (c) of the Paris Convention, filing an industrial design application under the Paris Convention provides six months period to the applicant to claim priority from the original industrial design application in any of the member states of the Paris Convention.

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Saudi Arabia: Subject to presenting a valid excuse, the Saudi patent office (SPO) has approved an extension of time for claiming priority in entering the national phase for the PCT applications. The Applications will be afforded the opportunity to file their late applications claiming their earliest priority. It's worth mentioning that the applicant must mention the reasons that made him unable to file his application within the thirty (30) month deadline.

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